6 Easy Steps to Make the Changes In Your Life that Give You What You Want

6 Easy Steps to Make the Changes In Your Life that Give You What You Want

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” ~ Jim Rohn

A year and half ago I was completely fed up. I was tired of the lies and excuses I kept telling myself about why I could not lose weight.

I was tired of feeling like a failure and tired of hating the way I looked. I remember looking in the mirror the week after Christmas 2011 and thinking, I have had enough! I refuse to feel this way ANYMORE!

I sat down, with pen, paper and laptop and began to write and do research on how to lose weight.

The same steps I used to lose weight have helped me make many other changes in my life as well.

1. Decide to Make the Change

The decision to make a change seems so simple, sometimes it is, but sometimes it isn’t. Asking yourself, “Is this something I really want to do? ” is the most important question, it helps you get clear about what you are trying to accomplish.

Once you’ve asked the question “Is this something I really want to do? ” evaluate how you feel. Do the thoughts that you encounter excite you, empower you, make you feel good, make you feel scared, etc.

Give yourself a good 3 minutes to see how you feel about the thoughts that spring up as a result of asking yourself the question.

2. Pen and Paper – Write it Out

I have to admit that on many occasions I have read, write out your thoughts, and thought: nah I don’t need to. Actually, yes you do. Every time I have made a change I have spent the time to write it out.

Writing it out actually helps you solidify your reasons for making the change and can be used as a tool if you find yourself asking later “why did I want to make this change?” your writings will serve as a reminder of why and help keep you on track.

3. Set Deadlines

I must emphasize the importance of writing down realistic deadlines, if you don’t, you are setting yourself up for failure. For example, I’ve had coaching clients write deadlines like “lose 100 pounds in 3 months” this is not going to happen, you are setting yourself up for failure if you set unrealistic deadlines.

A realistic goal for weight loss is 1.5 pounds a week, so a deadline of “lose 6 pounds in 30 days” is a realistic deadline.

4. Act As If

Acting as if is one of the best ways to make changes in your life and one of the least used. People think when you say “act as if” you are asking them to lie or be something they are not. This could not be further from the truth.

Acting as if simply means, act as if you have accomplished your goal. Using the weight loss analogy for example, you would act as if you were fit and trim. You would eat good healthy food and exercise. You would not go to McDonalds every day for lunch – act as if you have already lost the weight, eat what you would be eating then.

5. Track Your Progress – Keep Score

Tracking the progress during my weight loss goal helped me immensely. Since I tracked from day one it was easy to see what I had accomplished and know exactly what stage I was in. The tracking helped me make better food choices, create exercise plans and most importantly, stick with my goal.

Track and measure anything that will help you achieve your goal. I tracked everything, exercise levels, exercise types, foods eaten, recipes I liked and didn’t, pounds lost, inches lost and water consumption.

At one point I thought I was tracking too much and was considering eliminating some of the tracking I was doing. I’m glad I didn’t because I was able to use the tracking a couple of days later when I was frustrated that I had not lost weight for 3 weeks. What I realized was, I had not lost weight but I had lost inches. I felt so much better after I saw the inches had gone down on the chart. My rule of thumb – you can never track too much!

6. Use Tools That Will Help You Reach Your Goal

I say this a lot, because I know it works: have the tools you need to help you succeed! Remember, like I always tell my clients, you are investing in you, get the tools you need to help you succeed! If you need a training course, weight loss plan, a book, a laptop, new clothes, whatever it is, if it will truly help you reach your goal, you should invest in it.

Here is what I invested in to reach my weight loss goal:

    A lot of people like to talk about how hard change is – It IS hard if you sit around thinking about all the reasons it will be hard, all the things you will need to change, and all the time you will have to spend to make the change happen. So instead, focus on why you want the change and how fabulous it will be when you have it.

    Losing 50 pounds was not easy, it seemed like it took forever but I kept going through the steps I mentioned and accomplished my goal. I know you can too.

    What changes in your life do you want to make? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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